Mitegi Lakshmanrekha 3rd July 2018 Written Update

Mitegi Lakshmanrekha 3rd July 2018 Written Update by Amena

Mitegi Lakshmanrekha 3rd July 2018 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Vishesh reading Kanchan’s letter for her mum. He smiles and visualizes the moment. Kanchan writes that Dadi was worried that she didn’t get the heir, but Dadi’s annoyance didn’t reach me because of you and dad, I still think if a son was born that day, Kirti would have not enjoyed, I had to thank you, you and dad didn’t make us feel that we are girls, thanks for being happy on my birthday. She writes, Diwali is my fav festival. Vishesh visualizes Kanchan’s childhood. Kanchan does aarti with Nandan and her mum.

Vishesh smiles seeing them. She writes… I failed in home science, teacher scolded me that I m a girl and failed in home science, you got angry on teacher, dad stopped you. She writes that you got me enrolled in beautician course, I opened

a parlor on your name, dad felt proud when I gave my first salary, I wished to see pride on your face too, dad became mum on that day, we all miss you, you are still in me, will I manage everything. He sees a blank letter and says Kanchan met with an accident on this day, why is this blank. He finds more blank papers. He sees Kanchan crying. He thinks what did she wish to write. Kanchan writes… why, come back mum, I need you. He checks more letters and says why are the papers blank. He gets restless. He reads…. I want to sleep but I can’t sleep, I m scared of darkness. Vishesh visualizes Kanchan living in fear. He checks more papers.
Kanchan writes… you used to say there is no difference between guy and girl, you lied, there is much difference, the same song played again, I couldn’t handle myself and shouted. Vishesh looks on. Nandan asks what happens to you, how do you behave. Kanchan writes… I have some noise within, just I can hear this noise. Nandan and Kirti ask Kanchan why is she so scared, did she hit anyone, it was a small accident. Kanchan says everything is fine. Kanchan writes…. how shall I tell dad, he is worried for me and I m worried for him, I can never ride the scooty now, I don’t cry in front of dad, I want your lap mum, I shut the door and cry to vent out my frustration. Vishesh looks on.

Kanchan writes… I can’t forget anything, it comes in front of my eyes, I fight with every day, I like the temple, you weren’t with me this time, so I had worn your given dress. FB shows Kanchan praying and leaving from the house. Nandan asks her to get Sheetal home. Kirti says pray for me also, and teach me riding the scooty today. Kanchan says fine, I m going. He gets Sheetal’s call and stops the scooty. She says yes, I left from parlor, I will reach soon, I will come from back road, keep your mind cool. She prays for Kirti’s result. A car hits her scooty. She screams and falls down. A guy pulls her in the car. Vishesh visualizes everything and shouts Kanchan…… He cries.

Kanchan writes, women are respected on that day, my respect was ruined. She sees the man’s locket. The man ties a cloth on her eyes. The puja goes on in the temple. Someone plays the song in the car and shuts her mouth. He rapes her. Kanchan writes….. I heard a woman has much strength, why did I fall weak that time, a man showed me that I m weak, who was he, I couldn’t see, he was a coward to blindfold me and shut my voice. Vishesh cries and thinks of Kanchan. Kanchan writes… that man threw me out and went. FB shows Kanchan crying. Vishesh feels Kanchan’s pain and cries. Kanchan writes…. when I reached home, dad was already sick and worried, what could I tell him, I could have not lost him after losing you.

She runs to her room and cries. She thinks how will dad tolerate this truth, what will I say, who was that man, I can’t tell this to Kirti, she is young. She falls back. Vishesh cries for her. Kanchan writes…. mum come back or call me to you. Kanchan lives in trauma. Kirti sees her and cries, asking what happened. Kanchan thinks what could I tell her, I had to handle myself, dad and Kirti. She says I met with a little accident, I m fine. Kirti goes to get water for her. Kanchan gets scared of darkness. Kirti asks what happened. Kanchan says I don’t want darkness here. Kirti questions her. Kanchan makes Kirti sleep and hides her fears. She keeps courage. Vishesh cries reading the letter. Kanchan writes… I didn’t cross any limits, why should I be ashamed, it was not my mistake, why did this happen with me, I don’t want to get married, Tau ji got an alliance, why don’t anyone understand that no means no, I can’t marry anyone without telling my truth. Vishesh thinks of her refusal.

Kanchan writes…. who will understand, the world will think I was at fault, people will show sympathy to me, I don’t want any sympathy, I m trying to move on, I will make a new start, I have cried a lot, not anymore, its Raksha bandhan day, I used to think why I don’t have a brother, someone who can protect me, I decided to protect myself, I will make every girl capable to defend and help herself so that what happened with me doesn’t happen with them, I teach self defense to girls, it prepares you physically and mentally, fear makes you handicapped, don’t get scared or ashamed, raise a voice and show courage. Vishesh smiles and claps for her. She writes… dad and Kirti are there, but nights don’t pass, I get scared thinking of that incident, I wish that day wasn’t part of my life. Yeh hounsla …..plays….. Vishesh thinks of Kanchan’s journey. He hugs the letters. Kanchan comes home and gets shocked seeing him with her letters.

Vishesh says you are pure like a temple prasad, I used to love you before, today I worship you. Kanchan cries seeing him.

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