Ishq Subhan Allah 6th July 2018 Written Update

Ishq Subhan Allah 6th July 2018 Written Update by Atiba

Ishq Subhan Allah 6th July 2018 Written Episode

Scene 1
One guest says to Zara that after divorce, intimate with your husband is termed as shamelessness. Zara says we are not divorced. Kabir asks her to not talk. Zara says they need to understand, we are still husband and wife. One guest says they are divorced and still married? what joke is this? this is not your father’s sharia board, this is like making a joke of religion, this is a devil’s act, this girl have destroyed Irfan’s respect, this all is a drama of Irfan and Zara, we need a new head priest, we will leave if Zara doesnt leave. Irfan falls down in chair in shock. Ayesha comes to Kabir and asks him to stop them. Miraj says this is our function and we cant stop them, everyone hates Zara here. Kabir comes to Shahbaz. Shahbaz says we can stop this drama only if

Zara and Irfan leaves from here, I will talk to Irfan, you talk to Zara, dont think about it, its our respect, we made it in years but it can be destroyed in a minute, think if you want to save your wife which you have divorced or this project? Kabir looks on. Kabir comes to Zara, he holds her hand. Zara says did you see? Kabir says its better if you leave from here right now. Zara is hurt to hear it. Kabir looks away. Zara grabs his hand and says leave? what? without you? Kabir jerks her hand away, ,,
Salma says I cant see my daughter like this. Irfan says maybe we have chosen the wrong house for our daughter, there is nothing bigger than respect, let this divorce happen.

Alina says to everyone that Zara is not anywhere in house. Ayesha says Zara was forced to leave, it was not right. Shahbaz says we will find her and send her to her house. Ayesha says first you force her out of function and now send her to her house? Shahbaz says its about his project, your son is a role model now, everyone keeps an eye on him and they dont want to see him with Zara, he says to Kabir that now you have to choose if you want to be role model or Zara’s husband. Miraj says he is right, you have to choose if you want to work on the hard work you have done for years or be with Zara. Zeenat says I dont know much but I know that wives should make husbands proud not bring shame.

Zara is in park and says to Reema that everything is finished, my parents did that relation but I worked to build it, I gave away my emotions, my feelings, my truth to him, I thought he loved me but it was all duty for him, all our moments were duty and not love? when he divorced me, I had hope that I will make our remaining days so beautiful that he will be with me for life but he has extinguished my hope, when I needed him most, he left me in a corner like stranger, when people will insulting me, he was silently watching it, all my dreams are broken, She cries and breakdowns. Reema says I will bring water for you.

Reema brings water and sees Zara missing from her spot, she looks around but doesnt find her.

Imran comes to Kabir’s house and says I searched everywhere but Zara is nowhere. All are tensed. Shahbaz says to Kabir that religion is above our lives and for big things we need to make sacrifices, for religion cant you sacrifice your happiness with Zara? Kabir looks on. Ayesha says what are you saying? every religion in this world teaches that humanity is above everything, maybe this house have forgotten the meaning of humanity. She says to Kabir that a girl who left her house, did everything to make everyone happy here, she left her thoughts, her happiness, her feeling behind for this house, did everything to make her house and today we are talking about sacrificing her? what about the justice with her? I am ashamed to say that humans dont live here. Kabir gets tensed and tries to call Zara. Reema comes there. Kabir asks did she meet Zara? Reema says to Kabir that she was crying a lot, she was broken, dont know where she went, she met outside inauguration hall, I went to bring water but she went missing, she was crying a lot, please find her, Kabir do something, find her, she might take some action. Shahbaz says dont worry, I will inform police, they will find her ad send her home. Kabir says no, Ayesha is right this time, religion teaches us humanity and if its not there then who will follow religion? Ayesha asks where he is going? Kabir says to fulfill my duty, I did a mistake and I am going to rectify it. He leaves from there. Shahbaz is miffed.

Zara is walking on roads and recalls how Kabir once told her that dont involve in his work, she is just his wife, their moments in Kashmir, naina plays.
kabir and Imran are searching for Zara everywhere.
Zara is walking on railway line in a daze recalling her moments with Kabir, how she was insulted in the function and Kabir remained silent, how he asked her to leave the function.

PRECAP- Train is approaching Zara as she is walking on the line in a daze.

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