Agnifera 6th July 2018 Written Update

Agnifera 6th July 2018 Written Update by MA

Agnifera 6th July 2018 Written Episode

Shristi packs her bags and asks Baiju also to hurry up before Vishu comes. He silently looks at her. She says she thought he is his biggest enemy, but now he is her best friend. Vishu comes with his foster father Dhanraj. Dhanraj asks Vishu to hug his ill-fated father once. Vishu hugs him.

Anurag brings Ragini, Vikral, and Ammaji home. Vidhvan greets Vikral and says good he came here to stay and asks Brij to make arrangements for Vikral’s stay here. Daadi sees Ragini’s old style dress and asks Revathi why bahu is wearing this kind of dress. Revathi says she will speak to Ragini. Vidhvan asks Anurag why is bahu wearing this dress. Anurag says it was very necessary to bring Ragini here from that house, he will speak to her.

Parag meets Divya and starts flirting with her as usual. Revathi goes to Ragini and explains that she should get back to her sari style. After sometime, Revathi gets angry on Shristi for not returning on time, calls her and asks why did she cancel her ticket. Shristi says she is coming home by evening flight and has a surprise for her, she should prepare makhana kheer.

Shristi tells Vishu that he likes makhana kheer a lot. She then shows him whole family’s pictures. He asks if she has their wedding pic. She says no and shows their selfies. Baiju walks in and says he ordered tea for 3 of them. Shristi says Vishu drinks milk. Vishu says he drinks milk with protein powder. Baiju changes order over phone. Vishu asks Shristi who is the man with her. She tries to change topic. Baiju hears that and says he is madamji’s best friend. Vishu believes him.

Shristi takes Vishu home and tells Revathi that she brought him a surprise. She is surprised to see Vishu. Whole family follows. Revathi pleads him to talk to her. He asks who is she.

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